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KONYA the most SPIRITUAL CITY in TURKEY? Tomb of Mevlana Rumi, Shams Tabrizi & Seljuk Sultan Aladdin

In my full Guide to Konya vlog, I visited the tomb of Molana Rumi (also known as Mevlana in Turkish) who is one of the greatest Sufi Saints, writer of the famous Masnavi (book of Sufi poetry also called Mesnevi), and founder of the Whirling Dervishes. Molana Rumi is also known as Jalāl ad-Dīn Mohammad Rūmī, (Jalaladdin Rumi, Celâleddîn-i Rumi). We went for the Urs of Molana Rumi which marks the date of death of a saint as a celebration since it is when the saint meets his Lord and Creator Allah SWT. The Urs of Mevlana was celebrated from 7th to 17th December with various sufi events to celebrate and remember his life.

Konya was once the capital of the Seljuk Empire and we were fortunate to visit Aladdin Hill Park Tepesi which the famous Seljuk Palace (Selcuk Saray) once stood (and is currently being excavated). We visited Aladdin Cami (Alauddin Mosque) which is over 800 years old and behind the mosque is the Tomb of Sultan Aladdin as well as his father, son, and other Sultans of the Seljuk Empire. Walking through the beautiful Aladdin Cami was surreal knowing that Maulana Rumi gave his religious sermons here and many great Sultans would have prayed here too.

We walked through the old bazaars in Konya and tried delicious Turkish food including Borek, Lokum, Sahlep and of course Turkish Kahve (coffee). There are many stunning mosques in Konya including Selimiye Mosque, Aziziya Mosque and Alauddin Qayqubad Cami.

We also visited the Ince Minare Museum (Ince Minaret Medrese, İnce Minareli Medrese) which was constructed in the 13th Century as a Madrassa and today houses some incredible stone and woodwork carvings from the Seljuk dynasty as well as Ottoman times.

Konya is one of Turkey's most historical cities, and the home of Mevlana and his famous Whirling Dervish. There are old bazaars, mosques and cobbled streets to get lost in - a city not to be missed in Central Turkey.

Finally, we show you what is believed to be the tomb and resting place of Shams Tabrizi, who was the teacher and Spiritual Guide of Mevlana Rumi. Some believe that Shams-e Tabrizi walked away and never returned, whilst others believe he is now resting here in Konya. There certainly was a strong spiritual feeling when we visited the Tomb of Shams Tabrizi. We were also kindly gifted books of Sufism by a stall owner just outside the tomb.

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The book we quote in our video is:
Roses from Rumi's Rose Garden by Prof. Dr Erkan Türkmen

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Whirling Dervish Show 2:37
Konya Bazaar & Sahelp 6:00
Mevlana Rumi Museum 8:57
Tomb of Molana Rumi 14:29
Börek Restaurant 23:16
Aziziya Mosque 31:00
Turkish Delight 31:36
Aladdin Hill Boulevard 35:07
Aladdin Cami 38:40
Tomb of Sultan Aladdin 42:35
Ince Minaret Wood Museum 48:03
Shams Tabrizi Tomb 50:45

KONYA the most SPIRITUAL CITY in TURKEY Tomb of Mevlana Rumi, Shams Tabrizi & Seljuk Sultan Aladdin